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Finding an exceptional entertainer to really move your audience is not easy. The good news is that you have found Miss Molly and . . .<br /><br />Her music will make you smile! She knows how to totally entertain and captivate your audience.<br /><br />You see, Molly Hamilton and her band have been performing Country music and Christmas music for over 30 years. <br /><br />She has:<br /> Performed at over 3000 events. <br /> Been the official musical entertainer for the <br /> Calgary Stampede Promotion Committee. <br /> Performed daily for crowds of 60,000+ during the Winter <br /> Olympics in Calgary. <br /> Entertained during the Grey Cup in Calgary which was <br /> televised to 15 million people <br /> And is still a featured performer at over 100 events a year.<br /><br />You will laugh, clap your hands and stomp your feet during her lively performance.<br /><br />When Miss Molly entertains, you will have a great time, get inspired, smile more and laugh a lot!

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Phone: 403-242-8849

Fax: 403-249-9744

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