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Date: March 14th

Time: 8 pm


Markus Sommer & Carter Felker @ IRONWOOD STAGE & GRILL| Markus Sommer will be bringing his full band on this CD release tour for his debut, "True Sounds of the West" along with good friend and Calgary songsmith Carter Felker. Exclaim! Magazine reviewed Markus' debut with an 8/10, "He's a brilliant bullshit artist because he knows telling stories and telling lies is the same matter. He can be so cavalier with the truth because the audience knows that he has cowboy bona fides. The bona fides mark him as a son of the west, and singing cowboys are as much of an act of public performance as they are personal stories. It's ignoring the mythology of the west, and pretending that you know who your daddy is."

Markus Sommer & Carter Felker

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