Team Roping Canada Finals Calgary
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Date: September 14th, September 15th, September 16th

Time: 9 am

Company: Stampede Agriculture Building

Team Roping Canada Finals @ Stampede Agriculture Building| Canada's Largest Roping Over $360,000 in Prize Money Team roping is also known as heading and heeling is a rodeo event that features a steer (typically a Corriente) and two mounted riders. The first roper is referred to as the "header", the person who ropes the front of the steer, usually around the horns, but it is also legal for the rope to go around the neck, or go around one horn and the nose resulting in what they call a "half head". Once the steer is caught by one of the three legal head catches, the header must dally (wrap the rope around the rubber covered saddle horn) and use his horse to turn the steer to the left. The second is the "heeler", who ropes the steer by its hind feet after the "header" has turned the steer, with a five-second penalty assessed to the end time if only one leg is caught. Team roping is the only rodeo event where men and women compete equally together in professionally sanctioned competition, in both single-gender or mixed-gender teams.[1]

Team Roping Canada Finals

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1800 Stampede Trail SE, Calgary, T2G 2W1, AB, Canada

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