Aboriginal Awareness Week Calgary
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Date: June 18th to June 23rd

Time: n/a


Aboriginal Awareness Week @ CALGARY STAMPEDE| On behalf of the Aboriginal Awareness Week Calgary (AAWC), we first want thank you for your support of your support of our initiative to raise awareness and celebrate the cultural diversity of Canada’s Indigenous people. In the early 1990’s Indigenous agencies serving the aboriginal community in Calgary began organizing events and celebrations during the week leading up to National Aboriginal Day, held annually on June 21st. The summer solstice is a culturally significant day for many aboriginal peoples now acknowledged by the celebrations held in major cities across Canada. AAWC, in partnership with the Calgary Stampede Indian Village, invites community members and sponsors to join the celebrations while enhancing their cultural awareness and understanding on June 23, 2018. Supporters of AAWC events are acknowledged in a variety of ways throughout events and promotion; further details of sponsorship level can be found within the enclosed package. The event will be held in the former site of the old pow-wow village. It holds still as sacred ground for us as well for visitors. Many are drawn to this visit and we it will continue. Last year attendance throughout the day and evening was roughly 2700-4000. The day starts with the Caravan Breakfast and the Family day starting at 9:30 am and We will hold the traditional POW WOW competition from 6:00 pm-9:00 pm Elders, chiefs, Dignitaries, Indigenous Celebrities, Corporate Calgary, members of the Aboriginal community and corporate Calgary also be in attendance. We will be holding the FIRST Indigenous Concert in Alberta “Indigenous Sounds“ going from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. This will be a project which will be pilot but hopes to drive year after year. We will have Juno award winners Eagle and Hawk, and in talks with other award-winning Juno winners and nominees who will be performing in the afternoon. Ultimately we are working towards showcasing our local talent who will be opening and performing in the morning and to have the opportunity to win a free recording session and sing at the Calgary Stampede. As mentee’s, they will also have the opportunity to jam with one of the Juno artists in the afternoon. We encourage you to join this community initiative and to support Calgary’s week-long celebration of Aboriginal culture and events. Many thanks again, in friendship, Jo-Ann Gunderson AAWC, Chairperson

Aboriginal Awareness Week

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