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Date: October 26th

Time: 8 pm


Raleigh @ IRONWOOD STAGE & GRILL| "Raleigh's wonderfully titled Sun Grenades & Grenadine Skies, with its abundance of dude/lady vocal duets, off-kilter pop and reckless abandon for traditional folk setups... While things may get kooky, they never detract from the core ideals of strong songwriting and tenable music; this isn't some self-indulgent pet project intent on alienating, this is a collection of well-constructed ditties that happen to plunge into new territories. It's the best of both worlds." - (Music OMH UK) “Unlike so many bands that prefer a softer voice and hushed tones, the results speak volumes.” - (the Calgary Herald) "Raleigh, create beautifully layered songs that are as delicate as they are sophisticated. Tight vocal harmonies interweave and counterpoint with instrumental arrangements that sound far larger than their lineup might indicate. Geiger and Anaïs’ lyrics are both literate and accessible, creating an entire storybook world where characters are well rounded and familiar, traveling through settings that are all their own. " - (Beatroute Magazine)


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Tags: Live Music Country and Folk
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1229 9th Ave SE, Calgary, T2G0S9, AB, Canada

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