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MoMo Dance Theatre is Calgary's foremost producer of mixed-ability dance - we believe in ability, not disability.

Now in our 11th season, we have developed fan favourites in the High Performance Rodeo and the University of Calgary's Dance Montage and now produce our own full-length collection of works!

Fly With Us is based on themes of identity and self/group dynamics performed by artists of all ability.

Fly With Us will be performed at the Vertigo Studio Theatre
April 11th - 2pm Pay-What-You-Can
April 11th - 8pm
April 12th - 8pm

Choreographers include:
Betty Mitchell award winner Anita Miotti
MoMo's new Artistic Director Mark Ikeda
Calgary Artistic Chameleon Ed Mitchell
Long-time MoMo trainer Jade Benoit

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Phone: 4032833445

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