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The Local Talent Movement of Canada (LTM Canada) is an entertainment agency that provides a one stop shop for all your entertainment needs. We have models, dance groups, photographers, DJs, promoters, event coordinators, local artists and music producers available for general bookings. We have gathered the best talents in the industry and formed an all star entertainment company.<br /><br />LTM Canada is a division of G-ONE Productions corp., a company known for high end fashion shows, original shows and classic event production. Our desire and passion to create an original, never before attempted idea is what makes LTM Canada a unique and unmatched entertainment company. LTM Canada is an original Canadian innovation whose concept can not be found anywhere, but will soon be found everywhere.<br /><br />Can you remember a moment when you were forced to settle for less? Neither can we. If you are looking for the best talents in the industry, then look no further than LTM Canada. We have your entertainment covered.<br /><br />So go ahead and browse all of our services. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to let us know through our contact sheet. We are a people powered company and we highly value your opinion.<br /><br />When you think of original entertainment, think of LTM Canada. We do not settle for less and compromising is not in our vocabulary.<br /><br />The future has come; the future is LTM Canada- the entertainment powerhouse.<br />For more information, please email us at

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Phone: 403-390-0413

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