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Capture The Flag Cochrane is a world class recreational outdoor paintball field with 116 acres divided into 19 different courses. All groups spend 2-6 hours + playing private paintball unless they choose to join with other groups. Your coupon, pass, or $7 one time game fee entitles you to all equipment (face mask, camouflage, marker, chest protector), unlimited playing time, our free "all you can eat" hot dog BBQ and crystal powdered drinks. 6 levels of upgrade markers are available for rental. Open daily all year around from 9AM to 10PM or sunset.

We are open 7 days/week, all year around if prebooked. We are even open all winter! Great for stags, stagettes, birthdays, teams, churches, schools, companies or just to get active with your friends. Check out our website at , call 403-247-8887 or find us on Twitter @Capture_TheFlag or Facebook by searching Capture The Flag.

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Paintball and Airsoft

Date : Everyday
Come experience the excitement and adventure of...

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Phone: (403) 247-8887

Paintball and Airsoft

Paintball and Airsoft

Event Date Everyday Event Time All Day - Call for H Type Outdoor...

Come experience the excitement and adventure of Paintball and Airsoft with Capture the Flag near ...

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