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Date: Every Friday

Time: 4:15 pm-5:15 pm

Company: North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre

Tickets: $99.00

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Animals in Clay 10977 @ North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre| 5 years - 6 years 9 classes Children love animals, especially ones they create themselves. Your child will explore the details of some of their favorite animals; from claws and jaws to feathers and fur. While using their wild imagination, they┐ll learn building skills including coil, slab and pinch. It┐s a wild time.

Animals in Clay 10977

Animals in Clay 10977 activity image

Tags: Educational Arts and Crafts
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Animals in Clay 10977 Location

523 - 27th Avenue N.W., Calgary, T2M 2H9, AB, Canada

Phone: 403-221-3682 | Email

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