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Date: Every Wednesday

Time: 1pm-1:45 pm

Company: Absolute Dance Studio

Tickets: $294 - $420

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KINDER SONG AND DANCE (4 / 5 YRS) Sessional Class @ Absolute Dance Studio| This jazz based dance class will focus on songs and movement from some of the more famous and popular Musicals and Broadway shows. This is a sessional class Fall & Winter sessions are available. This class is offered on Wednesday 1:00-1:45 pm, Kinder Song & Dance classes do not participate in the recital. Sessional class prices are as follows: (Please phone the studio for full year class pricing as we offer a multi-class discount). Fall Session: Saturday September 10th to Thursday December 15th, 2016 $294.00 (Including GST) Winter Session: Saturday January 7th to Thursday June 8th 2016 $420.00 (Including GST) Registration Fees All students/ non refundable Single dancer $31.50 Family $42.00 *Registration fees are paid annually and are valid until July 31st of every dance season.


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KINDER SONG AND DANCE 4/5 YRS-Sessional Location

#105 630 46 Ave NE, Calgary, T2E 8M9, AB, Canada

Phone: 403-210-0188 Fax 403-210-0310 | Email

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