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Date: Every Tuesday

Time: 6pm - 9pm


Tickets: $200-$250+GST

Basic Holster Course - Part 1 @ SHOOTING EDGE. Part 1 is on Tuesday and Part 2 is on Thursday evening (6pm to 9pm) Holster Certification: The safest place for your handgun is in a holster. However, without proper training, removing it and replacing it back in can be dangerous. We offer a fun filled 6 hour course specifically designed to give you the fundamentals to safely use a holster as well as to start participating in “practical” shooting leagues and events. Pre-requisite: Basic Handgun Skills Course Basic Handgun Skills Course: Our Basic Handgun Skills course is a three hour course conducted over one evening that covers everything from proper stance and grip to live-fire accuracy drills. This course consists of 1 hour classroom time and 2 hours of range time where students are able to practice their skills under professional supervision. The Basic Handgun Skills Course is aimed at beginners with little or no previous handgun knowledge, effectively introducing newly licensed persons with a Restricted PAL to the practical aspects of safely discharging a pistol. Supplies Required, if owned: Must have Restricted PAL or successful completion of Restricted PAL examinations from either The Shooting Edge or AHEIA Schedule: We offer this course over two evenings, once a month.

Basic Holster Course - Part 1

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Basic Holster Course - Part 1 Location

#4 510 77 AVE SE, Calgary, T2H 1C3, AB, Canada

Phone: 403-720-4867 Fax 403-720-8147 | Email

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